Sunday, November 9, 2008

Thank you, Julie!

Because of my computer problems, I have only the pictures I have taken in the last couple of weeks and the kits I have downloaded in the last two weeks. Boy, that kind of limits your scrapping ability! But never fear, I still got a page and a thank you card done this weekend.

Card Front:

Inside of Card:
I don't do too many cards and didn't know if you would want it as a quickcard or not so here is what I want you to do, head on over to Julie's blog and tell her how much you love the mini kit I used for this kit. She made it for me as the posting bonus for those who participate in my Themed Quote Challenge on thankfulness at Hummie's World this month. If 5 people leave her a comment, I will turn this into a quickcard for you. Don't forget to check out the quote challenge too so you can have this gorgeous mini kit yourself.

I also got this layout done today using Julie's Colorado Gold. My son and I had a little lunch date yesterday and there was a Tall Ship from Norway at the Inner Harbor giving away free tours.

You can pick Colorado Gold up at Plain Digital Wrapper if it strikes your fancy.
Speaking of Plain Digital Wrapper, CONGRATS to Miss Chris on making their site CT. I am so excited for you! I hope they know what a talented lady they have CTing for them!

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Miss Chris said...

Thanks Candy! I will definitely pop over to Julie.It is. and thank her for the lovely mini kit!