Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving and a Huge Freebie

I am getting ready to head out of town but I wanted to wish those in the states Happy Thanksgiving first. My son was sitting next to me on the couch today watching Noggin where they have been talking about things they are thankful for all month. As part of the between show dialog they come on and ask the kids what they are thankful for every once in a while. So that comes on and he whispers in my ear "I am thankful for you!" Isn't that enough to make a Momma's day????? Too bad it was followed by a two hour battle to get him to pick up the many, many pennies he had left sitting out so his little sister accidentially knocked them over and they spilled all over the floor. LOL.

So how about a freebie or a whole bunch of them? I was going to give this away in parts but then I realized you might need it all now since it is dated material in case you decide to get it printed for holiday gifts.

At My Scrap Shop this month, we have been challenged to think outside the box, so I decided to do my very first calendar. I did a themed calendar using Pillowgirl's Be Kit (which I got free for doing a few challenges last month). Each month has a "Be" theme and then a coordinating quote to go along with the theme. The theme's I picked are Be Adventurous, Be Loving, Be Fun, Be Forgiving, Be Honest, Be You, Be Brave, Be Helpful, Be Wise, Be Creative, Be Grateful, and Be Happy. Then I found pictures of the kids that somehow related to the theme and put those on that month. I used Digital Gators 2009 Calendar Brushes for the calendar pages and found a quote that went along with the theme for that month to tie it all together. So after it was all done, I decided it wasn't too bad and asked Pillowgirl if she would mind if I shared it as a quick calendar. And being the super-generous person that she is, of course she said yes. (Speaking of that, if you aren't signed up to receive the newsletter at MSS, subscribed to her blog and hanging out in the forums - you really should. I am always amazed at how giving she and the other designers at MSS are.)

I designed my calendar to be printed at Memory Mixer because I had a coupon for them so it is an 8x16 center-fold calendar (or 25 8x8 individual pages). I am not sure what sizes other printing services offer. I did try to leave some extra cropping space along the edges though in case you wanted to adjust the size some. The download includes both 8x8 and 12x12 files just in case that would be helpful to someone.

So if you think you might have use for it or are in need of a quick gift idea, here are the links for the download. Just add your own photos.

Here is a link for a download to a site other than 4Shared.
Note that I have not added any holidays to the calendar so you can add the ones you want. The font I used was Credit Valley by Ray Larabie.
Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Scrapping!


Digi Free said...

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MaryC said...

Thanks so much. This will save me so much time and effort - I struggle with things like this.

Jody said...

Thank you for sharing these. You saved the day for me! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so very much - such a wonderful gift. I'm new to this craft and have wanted to do a calendar. You've made it non frustrating for me-really appreciate it! PJ

Shanners said...

Great calendar pages, Candy. Thanks to you and Pillowgirl for being so generous. Happy Thanksgiving!

Digi Free said...

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