Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My Scrap Shop Challenges

Looking to be inspired and get some layouts done? (Oh, yeah, and win some prizes too???) You will definitely want to check out the new challenges over at My Scrap Shop then. They have revamped the challenge area of the forum, added some new team members to inspire you and are offering some awesome prizes for getting those layouts done. They are kicking off the challenges this week with a special one week run of the challenges. But don't fret because it is already midweek, I got all of mine done in three hours so there is still lots of time for you to get yours done too. Did I mention there are prizes?

The first challenge I attempted was the template challenge. I have done a few template challenges since my first one and they are slowly growing on me. This was an awesome template to work with.
Here's my take on the template.

And what better posting bonus for a template challenge than more templates? They are even CU!
Next was the Shapes 'N More challenge. I really enjoy shape challenges actually and have been doing the one at DSO for the last several months. The MSS one had a little twist though, you had to use two shapes, a leaf and a circle. Can you find my circle in this? Yep, it counts, I checked. :)

The posting bonus for the Shapes 'N More challenge is this:

If you have seen my Nature layouts, you know I love a good quote so I couldn't pass up on the quote challenge - even it was a topic I don't usually scrap - pets!
The posting bonus for the quote challenges is the matching alpha for those cute elements above.
The last of the new challenges up is the desktop challenge. I have never scrapped a desktop before but I figured I had the elements and the alpha coming so I wanted the papers too! The only requirement was that you had to use the calendar (which is provided) on your desktop. Not my greatest work, I think, but I am proudly displaying it on my desktop now.

And the posting bonus:
Inspired yet? Great - now go scrap!
PS - I used My Scrap Shop products for all of my layouts but that is not a requirement to participate in the challenges. However, they are some great sales going on right now and you can get kits for as little as 50 cents!

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