Sunday, February 3, 2008

Heritage Quickpages

February's Color Pallette Challenge over at Hummie's World had a heritage theme. So I thought I would try to make a quickpage album for you. In order to make these more versatile, I have made these without any cut-outs to allow you to place only one or several pictures on a layout since with heritage photos you often are limited with what you have. The font used, where applicable, was Vinque by Ray Larabie.

I thought this one might work well as an album cover and you could put your family name or album title on the bottom below the ribbon. This page was from the kit by Sandie Hill.

These pages were from the Heritage kit by Hummie.

From the Heritage Challenge kit by Babette Simanson:

From Heritage by Claudette Wooddell/Digital Gator Bytes. These were designed to be double page layouts.

From As For Me and My House Add-on by Lori Imel/LAImel Designs.

From Timeless Beauty by AC Scrapping (Annette Clay).

From Heritage by Claudette Wooddell/Digital Gator Bytes.

From Keys to the Past kit by Claudette Wooddell/Digital Gator Bytes.

From Timeless Beauty by AC Scrapping (Annette Clay).

From It's in the Genes kit by pammyj (Pamela Yates)

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Jody said...

These are fantastic QPs. I am so happy you did them as now I can see some of the possibilities of pages that maybe I can make as well. I certainly will be using a lot of these for sure.

Oh, what is the font you used for the Titles - grandparents, parents, birth, death etc. I may need to know if I add something.

I really appreciate so much that you have made these - really helping me to think about how I want my pages to look.

Jody said...

Oops, forget my request for the font - I see you had it posted. Thanks again.

eph2810 said...

Wow - your quick-pages look awesome :) Thank you so much for sharing them with us :)

I am currently working on an Easter kit, but have not gotten very far. The papers are always the hardest...but at least I have a good color pallet :)

Have a blessed weekend.