Sunday, January 13, 2008

Hummie's World January Color Challenge QPs

I made three quickpages so far for the January Designers Color Palette Challenge over at Hummie's World. The previews and my pages I made with them are below.

From the kit submitted by AC Scrapping:
Alexis's Second Sunday at Church:

From the Kit by Christine Smith:

Baby Girl Discovering Her Toes

And from the Kit by Digital Gator Bytes (Claudette Wooddell):

Alexis reaching for the first time or two:

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Have a great week.


Hummie said...
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Kim's Scrappin' said...

You have done some beautiful QP's Candy. I'm honored that you like any of my stuff well enough to play with it. I love your work. :)
It is all great! I will be adding your blog to my Scrappin' favorites list.

Congrats to you also on making a CT. Have a nice day !