Friday, January 8, 2010

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I was quite surprised to be selected for inclusion in the January issue of You can check out my article here on using not-so-perfect photos. Here is the feature layout made using Winter Breath by Southern Creek Designs.

I have been thinking a lot about blogging recently. Reading (stalking) digiscrap blogs used to be a large portion of my daily scrap time (and not just to hunt for freebies, although that was part of it). I had several that I followed regularly and now I can't even seem to keep up with blog owners I have a personal connection with. I wonder if this is just another phase of the digiscrapping addiction or if, as the tweet I saw the other day which I never got around to clicking on the link for said, are personal digi scrap blogs on the way out?

Blogs have been on my mind the last week or so mostly because I was entertaining the thought of starting a new one. I am intrigued by the Project 365/52 idea but with a twist. Project 365 would be a little much for me because, well frankly, I already take way more photos than I know what to do with. Project 52 seems a little more manageable. But I really wasn't entirely thinking about it in terms of just taking a picture a week. My twist I came up with was that I wanted the P in P52 to stand for prayer, as in prayers for my children. In theory, I think it is a good idea and one I would love to execute; a weekly picture along with a related weekly written prayer of my thoughts, hopes, dreams, fears, concerns and so on about my children. In practice though, I already have three other blogs I haven't been all that committed to keeping up with lately and day 8 of the new year is almost over and I don't have week one done yet or the blog setup.

What do you look for in a blog: Freebies (don't be afraid to admit it if that is the case, I have been there too)?, Layout Inspiration?, CT News Sales and New Releases?; or are you looking for something more? What direction would you like to see my blog take? Would you be interested in reading my prayers for my children if I put them on this blog or would you prefer this blog to stay just about digiscrapping?

OK, that's enough rambling for today. This month's free template for my template challenge is available here:

Here is what I have been scrapping:

This was done for the font challenge at Hummie's World using Deep by Southern Creek Designs

Free Fall by Southern Creek Designs

Bit and Baubles
by Dani's Delusions:

Sparkle New Year by Southern Creek Designs

And here is what I have been designing . . .

Candy Wrappers: Flavor B

Candy Coatings: Cranberry Snow Alpha

Commercial use also available in my store.

And if you made it this far, I think you deserve a coupon. Hubby turned 35 today so enjoy 35 percent off at my store this weekend with a miniumum purchase of $1.50. CouponCode: BlogFan08Jan.

Don't forget to answer the questions about blogging in the comments here!

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