Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Just Chatter

Sorry - no prezzies for you today. :( Been a little crazy around here as I got a new laptop for my anniversary (and Christmas and any other holiday for the next year . . .thanks hubby! Love it! It has TWO 320 GB hard drives in it. No more toting around that EHD to my crops or when I am traveling). So I have been trying to set that up for me, my old laptop up for hubby and our old desktop up for the kids. I figured since Shane was starting school in the fall it is probably time to let him play on the computer some. I have really avoided it because I think he already has too much technology time with his TV addiction.

I haven't really felt that creative though anyway. In the last week, my Mom was in the hospital for most of the week and I couldn't be there and I also had two friends pass away. One was 95 and lived a long and fulfilling life but she will be missed by many. The other friend was only 29 - such a sad thing for life to end before it was even really lived.

But at least I have all of you to cheer me up.

- Thanks for all of your comments on the pages I designed for Lisa. They were most appreciated.

- Sherah, thanks so much for stopping by and leaving some love. I really had fun playing with your CU grab bags.

- Lei - How cool! It is kind of surreal to see something I made being used by someone else and did a fab job too. (She used my quote tag to make a brag book page which you can get free here):

And a special thanks to Vicki aka Digilover's Addiction for the wonderful surprise she gave me this week.

Isn't she just the sweetest? Think I will pass this on to some others as it really brightened my day. I'll just have to think about who first though.

Before I got finished typing this, I received another call with more sad news. Someone I know, Jill, and her child (and family) are in need of much prayer. Her infant was involved in an accident and the doctors are telling her that there is a blood clot on the little one's brain. Please remember them in your prayers.

Til next time. . .

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